Mali Maleficarum

My article for The American Interest. Al-Qaeda’s back in Mali, it seems:

Al-Qaeda militants may have infiltrated Mali’s pro-government militias, which the African state has relied on to fight Tuareg insurgents. The BBC notes that a pair of recent suicide bombings follow the pattern of al-Qaeda attacks…

And another incident where allied militia sympathizers fought with UN troops:

The UN attempted to disarm the region’s allied militias this month, but soon found that it had no way to force the parallel disarmament of the Tuaregs. Riots against these unilateral disarmaments led UN peacekeeping troops to shoot three protesters this week (an inquiry is pending).

Mali’s government leans on its allied militias in its contest to control the country’s far North. Any sign that these militias have gone rogue bodes ill for the region as a whole. Read the full article here.


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