Conspiracy of the Week

France’s far-right Front National is a political dynasty, not too different from most American parties by this point. FN President Marine Le Pen’s dad, though, is full of crazy. And it’s not just a case of bad lip reading. Here’s some of the more recent gems from an article I worked on for The American Interest:

According to Mr. Le Pen, a mysterious Western superstate led by “the secret services” may have choreographed the Hebdo attacks that are themselves linked with September 11 […] The Honorary President of the National Front backed away from his Secret Service allegations in a January 16 conversation with Le Monde, but maintained that both attacks were part of a larger international conspiracy. Jean-Marie Le Pen is infamous for his Holocaust jokes, his defense of France’s fascists in World War II, and a recent quip that “Monseigneur Ebola” could solve Africa’s demographic problems.

Marine Le Pen has ignored her father’s Charlie Hebdo remarks so far. It’s probably a good tactic, too. Shying away from Jean-Marie’s outré ideology has helped the FN in the past, and probably helps to obscure the dynastic continuities that remain between father and daughter. Read the whole article here. There’s another good post here, too, written by Haun Saussy at PrintCulture.


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